What Is the Largest City in the World by Population

There are many different ways of ranking, but what is the largest city in the world by population? It also depends on what is considered to be the city area. Is it the city only or is it the city with it suburban area? If we take into account the first criteria, then the largest city by population would be Shanghai.

Shanghai is situated near the Yangtze River. Today this city is influenced by the world cultural, financial, economic, political, and all other sorts of trends. Being so enormously large and populated, Shanghai is the great market, speaking in the terms of globalization. Every country that is active or tends to be active on global level has something to do with this city. It tells us that Shanghai is more than just a large city. In addition to its present status, another great thing has always been its position.

Shanghai is consisted of eighteen provinces, to e more precise – districts (seventeen of them) and one “country”. It is understandable since it is so large and it is much easier to function if every district has its local authorities managing their own area. At the very beginning, Shanghai first had a status of a village. Later it became a market place and finally became a real city in the thirteenth century. The Dynasty of Ming highly contributed to the Shanghai development and its status. But during that time, Shanghai was important rather as an economic place than in political sense. Today it is much different.

The population is numerous and counts as much as 14.608.515! And it keeps growing, so there were certain measures that had to be taken up regarding the environment and ecology. Those measures were quite successful and today Shanghai air seems to be less polluted than anyone could guess. This city is certainly one of the places everyone should visit.

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