What Is the Fastest Dog in the World

Greyhound is the World's Fastest Dog

What is the fastest dog in the world? There have been several suggestions. However, it seems that only one breed can be considered the fastest in the world. It is the greyhound, which can run as fast as 46 miles/ hour. Greyhound actually comes from Egypt. The breed is as old as Egyptian civilization. Today we use these dogs for racing and hunting. They are also great pets and caring companions. Some of these dogs are also bred just for dog shows and they are not used for racing. However, they are skillful and fast, regardless of what they are bred for.


The breed is also called “the Royal Egyptian Dog”. When you look at the Egyptian monuments and tombs, you can see Greyhounds on them.

The breed has probably changed a bit since that time, but these changes are not drastic. They still resemble their Egyptian ancestors. Even today we use them for hunting.

There are two basic varieties of Greyhound: feathered and smooth. They are good pets, but you still need to train them well; otherwise, you won’t be able to control them. They are known to be quite independent and free, so you just have to be patient and persistent. The health of a Greyhound is OK, but there can be problems with heart and some types of cancer. However, these cases are rather rare.

This breed is one of the most interesting breeds in the world, considering the origins and history. These dogs were almost worshiped in ancient Egypt. Some of them were even mummified and buried together with Pharaohs.

There are more breeds that are used for racing and considered fast. However, none of those can be compared to this one. It may sound strange, but these dogs are not as common as other breeds. For example, Dobermans or Rottweilers are common, and nearly everyone has heard of them. Puddles and Chihuahuas are also famous worldwide. Although they are the fastest dogs in the world and remarkable in many ways, Greyhounds are not that famous. These dogs certainly deserve attention. Perhaps the Greyhound breeders (and owners) can do something about this. They deserve more popularity not only because of their interesting origin and incredible abilities to run fast, but for being great pets as well.

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