What is the Fastest Computer in the World

What is the fastest computer in the world? A computer is used for so many different purposes these days that speed can mean many things. The word ‘speed’ is interpreted differently in different kinds of work, so it is normal that people use computers with different performances – it all depends on what they use them for.

World’s Fastest Computers

» For a scientist, the data processing speed is relevant. The well-known IBM Blue Gene series (the last one being the Blue Gene/Q) is still at the top of the supercomputers list. Tianhe 1A reaches the speed of 2566 petaflops making it the fastest computer in the world. NEC, Intel, Hitachi and Fujitsu have also got their share in the world top 10 supercomputers.

» Now find a gamer and ask him the same question. For him, processing data isn’t the main issue, he must enjoy the game visually. Brands like Alienware and Velocity Raptor may sound familiar to you and they do have models in the world top 10 gaming computers, but the fastest one, which features not one but two awesome NVIDIA Geforce GTX580 is the new model from CyberPower PC(Black Pearl). On the CPU part, an Intel Core-i7 980X is used, the fastest “domestic” CPU with its 6 cores running at a speed of 3.33 GHz each.

» If you meet an audio/video professional and ask him this question, he’ll tell you that speed is not really linked to processing power (it sure does help) but to efficiency. The fastest computer for him is the one that allows him to finish his project quickly, with the help of an intuitive and optimized interface and without any hassle or stability problem. That’s why many of these professionals are using Apple computers (features are not even close to those of a PC) with the MacOSX operating system making them the most efficient choice for multimedia.

» For other users, speed isn’t a relevant thing. Many people are using it for writing, web browsing and other things that don’t require extremely good processing capabilities. These common uses made personal computers market explode in the last 20 years, reducing the costs for people who just need to access the Network. This made sufficient amounts of money to invest it into new computer technologies.  These researches led to quantum computers that are already used and tested for extreme scientific and military purposes, with speed up to 10000 times higher than actual supercomputers.

» Microsoft is  currently working on a cloud computing operating system that will allow endless processing power as it will be drawn from all other computers using that same system. Using such computer resources is something that can improve power management throughout the world, allowing faster operations and better balance between power and its usage. The only limitation is the connection speed to send and retrieve processed data.

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