What Is the Difference between Affect and Effect

No matter how well we know our language, there are always new things to be learned and questions to be answered like: What is the difference between affect and effect? Sometimes it is difficult to know the difference between the words that sound similar to one another. It can even get more complicated if those two words are similar in meaning as well.

This is the case with the words “affect” and “effect”. If we put aside spelling or typing errors, we are free to say that these two words are often used incorrectly. Sometimes this can make your entire essay or any written composition look rather superficial, not to say a bit silly. If you often write formal letters or work in business environment; if your work has to do with language or writing or you simply wish to use your language correctly – then read the explanation we are offering you in this article.

First of all, these two words differ in their very nature and purpose they fulfill in a sentence. The word “effect” is a noun, while the word “affect” is there to mark an activity – we call it a verb! So, if you affect someone or something, it means that you make some effect on him/her/it. If used in passive form, the thing is pretty much the same: someone is affected.

Still, like in everything else, there are some exceptions in language as well. The word “effect” can be a verb and the word “affect” can be a noun. But these cases are rare and we do not recommend you to experiment. Just stick to the rules regarding language and you will always use it correctly. You will exclude any possibility to make a mistake and you will feel much more self-assured when it comes to expressing your opinion.

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