What Is the Capital of South Africa

What is the capital of South Africa? The capital of this beautiful country is Pretoria. It is situated in the Gauteng Province. Gauteng Province major cities are Germiston, Johannesburg, Pretoria nad Vereeniging. This city is among the most important cities, beside Bloemfontein (which is a judicial center) and Cape Town (the legislative center and the place that attracts many tourists). The original name of the city was Pretoria Philadelphia. When was Pretoria founded? The city was established in 1855. The founder of the city was Marthinus Pretorius. He named the place after Andries Pretorius, his father, who was a national hero. Pretoria became the capital of the Republic in 1860.

Some Facts about Pretoria

♦ In 1881, the peace treaty that ended the First Boer War was signed in Pretoria. This event is also known as the “Pretoria Convention”.

♦ In 1899, the Second Boer War started. It lasted until 1902, when the British started their hegemony in this country. This armed conflict was also ended in the capital city, when the war parties signed the Peace of Vereeniging. Some of the fortresses that were made during this war are still being preserved. Today, these are the national monuments.

♦ From 1860 to 1994, Pretoria was the major city of the Transvaal province. During this period, several changes took place. In 1931, the city gained the status of a real city. In 1961, South Africa became a republic and Pretoria remained the capital city.

♦ Pretoria image was related to the Apartheid regime in South Africa. That is why several attempts have been made in order to change the name of the city. However, these changes never happened, since that would neglect an important part of the history of Pretoria, including the city founding.

♦ University of Pretoria is an important part of tradition. This university was founded in 1908. There are many interesting places to visit in Pretoria, like President Paul Kruger House, Police Museum, National Museum of Culture and History, Makapan’s Caves, Air Force Museum of South Africa, Military Museum, Transvaal Museum and many other historical places.

♦ The languages you can hear in Pretoria are Afrikaans, Ndebele, Pedi, Tsonga, Tswana, Sotho, English and Zulu. The entire metropolitan area has nearly 2,000,000 of people.

♦ Subtropical climate and beautiful nature make Pretoria a popular tourist destination. Although this role belongs to Cape Town, Pretoria is also an interesting place to visit. If you are looking for a beautiful place to spend your vacation there, Pretoria is the right place to visit. You will be amazed by its sites and beautiful nature. You will be delighted by accommodation, shopping malls, restaurants etc.

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