What Is the Capital of Peru

Machu Picchu, Peru

• What is the capital of Peru? The largest city and the capital of this country is Lima. Lima is situated in the central area of Peru. Lima Metropolitan Area counts around nine million people and it is one of the largest cities in Latin America.

• With great climate conditions, this city is certainly among the best ones to live in. Although the climate here is subtropical, it is not that hot, because the Pacific Ocean affects the temperature and makes it a little cooler. Summer tends to be warm, but humid as well. Beautiful blue sky without clouds is something you can see on nearly every postcard sold in Lima.

The History of Lima

• The territory of Peru was originally the home of Inca Indians. There are many mystical temples and other great historical places you can see in Peru. These sites are still among the most visited tourist attractions in the world. One of them is Machu Picchu. This place is still a mystery and it sure has many secrets to be revealed. If you visit Peru this is one of the places you will just have to see. You will be amazed by the nature and pleasant climate. As we said, subtropical climate in Peru is not too hot and dry.

• Francisco Pizarro (the Spanish conquistador) was the one who founded this city. It was 1535 when Lima was established as a city. Back then, they used to call Lima “the City of Kings”. The city was constantly changing and growing. It became a trade center and this helped further prosperity in this city. However, there were several earthquakes that damaged the city in great measure. One of the strongest earthquakes happened in 1746. The damage caused by this earthquake was severe and the city had to be repaired.

• Another earthquake happened in 1940. Great part of the city was destroyed by this earthquake and it took a lot of time to rebuild the destroyed parts. Nevertheless, after this decade, Lima started growing and developing more than ever. The population of Lima also became numerous during that period. Today, it is one of the most populated cities in Latin America.

• Lima was the host of FIVB (Volleyball World Championship) in 1982. Speaking of sports, the most popular sport in this country is soccer. The official language is Spanish, and the dominant religion is Roman Catholicism.

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