What Is the Capital of New Zealand

“The Beehive”, Wellington

What is the capital of New Zealand?  The capital of New Zealand is Wellington. This city is also one of the most populous areas in New Zealand. It is located in the southwest of the North Island of New Zealand. Precisely, it is situated between the Rimutaka Range and Cook Strait.

How Many People Are There in Wellington?

♦ There are approximately 390,000 people living in the capital of New Zealand. Rural areas that surround Wellington city, count some 3,710 inhabitants.

♦ The urban area of Wellington is the most populous area of the southern part of North Island and it is the major center of the Wellington Region.

♦ The entire region of Wellington includes Wairarapa and the Coast of Kapiti.

♦ There are four cities in the urban area:

• Porirua City

• Upper Hutt City

• Lower Hutt City

• Wellington City

When Did Wellington Become the Capital?

♦ Wellington hasn’t always been the capital of New Zealand. The previous capital was Auckland. It was 1841 when Auckland became the capital city. However, the first Parliament meeting was held in Wellington in 1862 and three years later, Wellington was chosen to be the capital on New Zealand.

♦ Wellington name came from Mr. Arthur Wellesley. He was the first Wellington Duke and he was the one who won the Battle of Waterloo.

♦ Wellington is the center of all New Zealand political activities. Important institutions are located here, including Parliament and all Ministries of New Zealand Government.

♦ According to some statistics, Wellington is one of the best places to live in. It is the twelfth best city in the world.

♦ Costs of living are not too high, which is very important when it comes to quality of life, especially for foreigners and immigrants.

♦ Companies from all over the world do their business here. Wellington economy is great, so every large company can start doing business here, without too much worry.

♦ However, regardless of all the beauty you can see in Wellington, there are also problems caused by nature. There were several damages, caused by earthquakes. There was an earthquake in 1848 that made a great damage, and another one came very soon after that, in 1855. This one is considered one of the greatest earthquakes in the history of New Zealand.

♦ If you like traveling around the world, Wellington is a great destination for you. You can see beautiful nature and have fun there. There is a good reason why this city is known as one of the best cities in the world.

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