What is the Capital of Ethiopia

Ethiopian Landscape

What is the capital of Ethiopia? Everybody knows Ethiopia is a landlocked country in Africa and it is the second most populated country in Africa. Its capital is Addis Ababa that was established in 1887 by emperor Menelik. The literal meaning of Addis Ababa is a “new flower”. It is the third “highest” capital city in the world. It is situated 2400 meters above the sea level and has a population of 2 million. It is located in the province of Shawa that is a mountainous province. Addis Ababa is an important administrative centre for Africa. It is known as one of the political centers of Africa because African union and OAU were established there. It is an important city, both politically and culturally. Addis Ababa accommodates people from many different countries who speak 80 different languages and have different religious views.

Where to Stay and What to See

♦ Addis Ababa has many attractions such as Addis Ababa Hilton, Addis Ababa Sheraton and Addis Ababa train station. The city has many attractive entertainment places like cinemas, cafes and theaters. The city also has many hotels on a vast scale. The nightclubs and discos are very famous attractions of Addis Ababa. The famous sports here include swimming, tennis, horseracing and others. These sports are organized at national as well as international level. The sport events are mostly organized in a great stadium known as ABABA stadium.

♦ The transportation system of Addis Ababa is very well organized. It includes buses, taxis, airlines and trains. This transportation system helps the city functioning in great measure. Domestic trade is carried out with the support of city transportation. Addis Ababa has many banks such as the Commercial bank of Ethiopia that is located near the airport. It has another Commercial bank that is located on the Churchill road. It also has a national bank that is called the National bank of Ethiopia. These banks manage the monetary policy of the country. Through these banks, trade is carried out between Addis Ababa and other countries.

♦ The tourists can see many attractive places such as the National museum of Addis Ababa. Many interesting stories can be heard in this museum, so tourists love it. Another important monument of Addis Ababa is The Lion of Judah Monument. The golden lion is located in the square of Addis Ababa train station. If you travel by train, the lion will be the first to welcome you. You will enjoy this exotic place, its music, culture and variety of languages spoken there. You will not feel like a foreigner not for a second.



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