What is The Capital of Denmark?

What is the capital of Denmark? Read our article to learn more about the capital of Denmark and other interesting facts about this country.

The Capital of Denmark

♦ The capital city of Denmark is Copenhagen. It is also the largest city in Denmark. The history of Copenhagen dates back to the year 1167 but it was during the fifteenth century when Copenhagen was declared as the capital city of Denmark. It has greatly developed since then, and it has gained popularity as a tourist destination, too.

♦ The city of Copenhagen is partly located on the Amager Island and partly on the islets near Zealand Island. As such, it is basically located between both the islands. The city is officially divided into ten parts or districts.

♦ The climate of this place is variable and unstable. It has four seasons annually; spring, summer, autumn followed by winter. Rains and snowfalls are commonly seen in the winter season. Winds and storms also occur. Sunny days and warmer weather are present during the summer season. The environment is also very friendly with clean water and fresh air.

♦ The road transportation is well organized due to the high safety measures and presence of proper roads and bicycle paths. There are many public buses and trains. Apart from this, many cruise ships, ferries and waterbuses allow people to travel by water. Airports are great, too.

♦ The business in Denmark depends upon the capital city, as it is the financial and economic center of the country. It is also a centre of education, research and development as well as science and information technology.

♦ This place has a strong cultural and traditional background that has evolved a lot. There are many Danish architectural places to visit in the city such as the inner city (that is the oldest part of Copenhagen). There are many ancient structures such as the Marble Church, the Amalienborg Palace and the Christiansborg Palace. Many famous museums are located in this city, such as Danish Museum of Art and Design, The National Museum NY Carlsberg Glyptotek, Louisiana, Ordrupgaard Museum, the National Gallery, and the Thorvaldsens Museum.

♦ In terms of fun and recreation, this place offers a lot. The city hosts many events that attract people throughout the world. It is also known as a green city as it has many amusement parks and gardens. One of it is the Trivoli Gardens. Special sculpture parks and botanical gardens are beautiful. Apart from this, you can find many beaches, zoos, sports stadiums, hotels, resorts, clubs and super markets. Sports that are played here are football, handball, ice hockey, badminton and rugby. Numerous paths for bicycles can be seen on nearly every road.

♦ There are also many districts; each district has a unique name that gives a description of its history. There are many features that this city offers, beside the ones mentioned above. It has become famous around the globe. It has also been internationally awarded many times.

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