What Is the Butterfly Effect Theory

What Is the Butterfly Effect?

What is the butterfly effect theory? You have probably heard of it. There is a movie by that name and if you have seen it, you may have the idea what the ‘butterfly effect’ means. We will try to explain this theory. The butterfly effect theory is actually a metaphor. It is used to describe the interdependence between events. According to this theory, just a small and simple change is enough to cause other changes. Let us explain.

Every day we have different choices to make. Once we make our choice or some decision, it will result in other events. In other words, we make our decisions rationally, knowing the results, or trying to get certain results. But, what would have happened if we had made different decisions? The results would probably be different.

The Butterfly Effect Theory

• This interdependence between events is the very ground of the butterfly effect theory. Just a small change in our decisions or actions will probably lead to totally different results. This is when you ask yourself what would have happened if you had done things differently? All of us think in this way occasionally. This means that ‘the butterfly effect theory’ is often present in our lives. Sometimes we call it ‘destiny’. If you hadn’t walked out of your house in that particular time, you would have never met your boyfriend. This is just a simple example, but it can be applied to nearly all situations in anyone’s life.

• The butterfly effect theory can also be applied in other fields and sciences. Meteorology is just one of them. The term ‘butterfly effect’ is used for a reason. It means that the wings of a butterfly can make very small changes anywhere in the atmosphere, and these changes can further cause great disturbances like tornadoes, for example. This theory actually makes sense. Today, any change that occurs in one part of the world can cause changes in other parts of our planet. This is especially seen in weather and climate changes, but also in economy, politics and other spheres of life.

• As other theories, this one is also here to teach us something. There is a message for all of us: do not do anything before you think it through. Whatever you do can and will result in some changes. Certain changes are good, but you must think of them before they happen. We cannot predict much, but we can consider our own actions before we act. This can help us avoid chaos in our own lives, but it can also prevent chaos in other people’s lives.

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