What is the Biggest Mansion in the World

Windsor Castle

What is the biggest mansion in the world? If you are interested in architecture and want to know the answer to this question, keep reading. Billionaires and rich people certainly have many expensive belongings like luxury cars, planes, yachts, buildings, properties and a number of mansions. But who is the owner of the biggest mansion in the world?

The World’s Biggest Mansion

♦ You probably know that mansions often symbolize royalty. The biggest mansion in the world is Windsor Castle in England, Berkshire. This castle covers the area of 484,000 square feet. The rooms of this place are probably countless.

♦ Together with Windsor, Buckingham palace in London and Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh are considered the British monarch’s official residences. In 1952, this castle was being used by Queen Elizabeth II as her residency. This house is still considered the biggest mansion, not only in England but also in the world.

♦ The Castle has numerous beautiful rooms in it. It is an important part of the British history. Other sections of the Windsor Castle include state and private apartments, courtyards, east terrace, south wing, quadrangle, upper and lower ward, long walk, horseshoe cloister and Saint George’s Chapel.

♦ This mansion has now become a historical place and major attraction for tourists who come to England, but the visitors are not allowed to visit all parts of the mansion. They can only see certain parts of it.

♦ The Queen Mary’s Doll House is definitely something you should see. It is a world famous dollhouse. It took three years to complete it. Almost 1500 workers worked on its construction. It has some marvelous features like running water, electricity and flushing water. It is not at all like other ordinary dollhouses.

♦ Saint George’s Chapel is another attraction for visitors of Windsor Castle. Some famous personalities are buried here, like Charles I, Henry VIII and Jane Seymour. The Chapel has an outstanding Gothic architecture.

♦ There are around 500 people working and living in Windsor. The castle is used by the Queen as a weekend home as well as for banquets, conferences and other diplomatic purposes. During the civil war, it was used as one of the headquarters for the military.

♦ This is a brief description of the world’s largest mansion, Windsor Castle. If you get a chance to travel to England, you must visit this wonder. There are many other large buildings in the world, but this one is really special. Its history and tradition are amazing and if you visit it, you will feel the old spirit of royalty.

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