What Is the Biggest Mall in the World

The Dubai Mall

What is the biggest mall in the world and where is it? If you like shopping, you will love this story! The biggest mall in the world is located in Dubai (UAE). There are 1,200 shops in this mall. You can only imagine what you can buy there – almost anything! It was finished and open for shoppers in 2008. According to estimation, the Dubai Mall is visited by more than 755,000 visitors weakly!

The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall total floor area is fifty-five ha. There are more than fifteen different malls inside this enormously big mall. If you visit the Dubai Mall, you can see “Gold Souk”, “Fashion Catwalk Atrium”, “Galeries Lafayette”, “Fashion Island”, “Oasis Fountain”, a big Cineplex, and other great attractions.

There is also one luxury hotel, and more than hundred and twenty restaurants. You don’t have to worry about parking space, because there are more than fourteen thousand parking spaces there. This mall has been awarded for several times, for its architecture and design.

One of the most beautiful aquariums in the world is located here, in the Dubai Mall. Dubai is not a big place, but it is famous for being luxurious and expensive. Some of the richest people have invested their money here and they were not wrong. Dubai is one of the most visited places. People like to go there for holidays and enjoy the beauty of this exotic world. Some of the richest people from the world of entertainment or business come to Dubai for business but also for pleasure. Hotels in Dubai are quite expensive. However, they are perfect. You can expect to get perfection for the money you decided to spend for your holiday.

If you are a passionate shopper, you will find the Dubai Mall a place from your dreams. If you want to see everything, it will take much time, since this place is huge. Be ready to come back again, since you will not be able to see everything in just one day. When you see all its attractions, you will be enchanted! That is why people always come back to Dubai – it is like a paradise on earth. Not everyone can afford this, however. Shopping tours and luxury hotels remain the privilege of the rich visitors. The rest of us can go there, too, but we will have to be satisfied with other hotels and shops. However, those are great as well. Dubai is so great, that nearly everything looks perfect, regardless of the price.

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