What Is the Biggest Lake in the World

What is the biggest lake in the world? The Caspian Sea is the biggest lake it the world. It is called “sea” because it is so large. It can be classified both as sea water because it is large, and lake, because it is surrounded by land from all sides. The Caspian Sea has an incredible volume of 78,199 km3 and total surface of 372,000 km2. The Caspian Sea is bounded by Russia, Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

Many ages ago, ancient population of this area considered the Caspian Sea an ocean, since it was so large and salty. Although it is a lake, it is quite salty. The Caspian Sea is also called the Sea of Mazandaran.

Interesting Facts about the Caspian Sea

During the winter season, you can see ice forming across the Caspian Sea. During that period, it really looks like an ocean.

The Caspian Sea Regions

There are three Caspian regions. They are very different from each other. The northern region is called the Caspian shelf. This region is quite shallow. The Middle Caspian region is deeper than the previous one. The Southern region is the deepest. The northern part freezes first, during winter, since it is the shallowest area. Temperature of water in the Southern Region is in average some thirteen degrees C, but when winter comes, the temperature goes down to some six degrees. During the summer season, it gets considerably higher – up to twenty five degrees. The Middle Caspian Region is more dynamic when it comes to temperature oscillations. The average water temperature during winter is six degrees, and in the summer, it is some twenty degrees higher. In the northern region, temperature oscillations are drastic; however, this area is very shallow, so the water here is not stratified by temperature.

This lake is very stormy, however, with the choppiness force of 6. Both horizontal and vertical movements are strong.

There are more than 132 rivers that flow into the Caspian Sea. The biggest one of them is Volga. Amu Darya and Sir Darya are also in this group of rivers.

The Caspian Sea may even look a bit monstrous, due to its largeness. This water horizon is certainly amazing. If by any chance you visit this part of the world, take some time to see the lake. You will have the impression as if you are standing in front of an ocean.

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