What Is the Best Pizza in the World

Why Pizza is Still our Favourite Food?

What is the best pizza in the world? Is it possible to tell, anyway? Well, the least we can do is try. Pizza is a traditional Italian dish that is popular world wide. It originally comes from Naples. There are many different kinds of pizza and it is difficult to choose just one to be the best of all pizzas. Tastes are different, so it is not possible to tell which one really is the best pizza in the world. Pizza is not just an Italian trademark; it is more than that. Nearly all countries have their own versions of pizza.

Different Kinds of Pizza

Pizza is made all over the world. There are various types of this dish. Ingredients are different in different countries. We will mention several variants of pizza.

Pizza in Brazil

Citizens of Brazil like pizza very much. Nearly one million pizzas are sold every day in Brazil. Brazilian pizza may contain very interesting exotic ingredients, like pineapple, banana and other sweet fruits. July 10 is celebrated as a pizza day in Sao Paolo.

Pizza in Malaysia

Pizza is also served in this country and there are numerous pizza restaurants there, including some well known western chains of pizza restaurants.

Pizza in South Korea

Yes, they really like pizza! Pizza is one of the most popular dishes here. There are many western pizza restaurants here, and pizzas are made with various ingredients like shrimp, sweet potatoes, crabs, corn and many other exotic and interesting ingredients.

Pizza in Israel

People of Israel like pizza, too. There are many different types of pizza that can contain conventional ingredients, but also those that are characteristic for Israel. They use plenty of vegetables and great spices. You can find a pizza with meat here, but pizzas without meat are equally good.

Pizza is also popular in Nepal, India and Pakistan, although it is not that well accepted in western Pakistan. In other Pakistan areas, pizza is made mostly with chicken and sausages, with a variety of spices and other ingredients.

Pizza in the U.S.A

We know that pizza is famous here. There are nearly all kinds of pizza made here. All major world known pizza restaurants are present in the Untied States. This is a paradise for people who like pizza.

So, Which One Is the Best Pizza in the World?

As we said, it all depends on your taste. According to some sources, Italian pizzas are considered to be the best in the world, especially those made in Naples. However, there are so many different types of pizza, and all of them are so great, that it would be impossible to choose just one. Feel free to share your opinion with us!

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