What is the American Dream Today

What is the American Dream today? In order to understand this question and to give a proper answer to it, we should go back to past.

The American Dream

♦ This term was first used at the beginning of the 20th century and meant that, in America wealth and prosperity could be achieved through hard work and thrift. In the decades that followed, this term included more and more aspects of a modern society, so after the World War II this term included fame, recognition, well-being and so on…

♦ For the people outside United States of America, this meant that every generation should live better and have better standard than the previous generation. Having in mind that American immigration policy is more tolerant today, one can rightfully ask if this term means the same things today and is it still obtainable?

♦ In the last two decades, many things have changed, so the global economic picture differs from the one 50 years ago. America today is burdened by many conflicts throughout the world and much more financial resources are being distributed to military purposes. In addition to this, problem of the lack of natural resources is getting more serious every day.  World economic crisis’ consequences are felt in America as well as in every other country.

What Has Changed

♦ America is still a great country to live in. It is still the number one country for immigrants, but the goals and wishes of its citizens have changed.

♦ After economic turbulence many Americans have faced poverty. Although famine is not so serious problem, it should not be neglected.

♦ The American dream today means freedom of religion and freedom to obtain enough finance to belong to middle class of society.

♦ Fame is also one of the main elements of the American dream today, because only in America you can still become famous over night.

♦ All in all, American dream today has changed due to global changes in the world, but although some suggest it is unobtainable, many people claim that it can still be reached through hard work.

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    great idea but where did you get your resources from?

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