What is Pathology

What is Pathology? Pathology is a wide scientific field, focused on various disease studies. Pathology is believed to be one of the oldest disciplines of medicine science. Back in the ancient times, people have been trying to find out more about human body and its mechanisms. They wanted to know more about the causes of various illnesses. They have been trying to link the causes and consequences, so they started all kinds of researches. It was a long time ago, but even then, they knew that human urine could “tell” much about one’s health. Perhaps you have read about one of the ancient methods of tasting urine in order to determine if a patient had diabetes. It sounds strange, but it makes sense, actually. Body fluids can indicate anything. That is what pathology is all about.

Modern Pathology

Let us say more about the work of modern pathologists. People do not go to them directly. First, they have to go to their doctors. If a doctor has any doubts or thinks that other analysis is needed, he will direct the patient to take some tests and then the pathologist will analyze the samples of blood, urine or other substances. Pathologists’ work is also valuable when it comes to autopsies. They can determine various things that are related to death causes. This field is also called Forensic Pathology.

Pathologists search for the causes. They do laboratory testing and analyses. They are also engaged in researches. Chemical pathology is a specialized field of pathology that studies biochemical and chemical mechanisms. Some diseases affect the body fluids and change their chemical composition. Chemical pathology is there to find these changes and their causes. This is extremely important for further treatment. Think about this. If you are not feeling well, you will just go to your doctor and he/she will advise you to have a blood test. You will know exactly what is wrong in just several hours. Can you imagine how hard it could be without pathology? Finding the cause would last too long and you could never be quite certain.

Anatomical pathology studies tissues and organs. Post-mortem analyses are also important in finding the cause of death. Sometimes it is not possible to find the cause without pathologists’ work. Some crimes have been solved thanks to pathology experts. Modern science is a useful instrument not only in health care, but also in solving crimes. Many crimes would have never been solved without pathology.

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