What is Narcissism

What is narcissism? You have probably heard this word before. However, do you know exactly what it means? We will try to explain the meaning of this word. “The narcissist” can be described as a person who is preoccupied with himself. He is only concentrated to his own power, image, and his personal characteristic features. A narcissist believes that he is better than all other people are – in every possible way.

The Story of Narcissus

The name “narcissist” comes from Greek mythology. This is the story of Narcissus, a handsome young man of an incredible beauty. He was aware of his beauty and he never really cared for anything else.

There were people who loved Narcissus, but he did not care for them. The only person he cared about was – himself. He believed that no one deserved him for a friend or lover and he was very self-centered. He had hurt many people because of this attitude and Gods finally decided to punish him. One day Narcissus saw his reflection in water and he thought it was some beautiful nymph. He fell in love instantly and he wasn’t able to leave. He stayed there for days just looking into the reflection he believed was a beautiful nymph. He was sad because he couldn’t touch the face he saw in the water. However, he accepted the fact that he couldn’t touch that beautiful person, so he decided to stay there and enjoy looking at the beautiful face. He hasn’t been eating, or doing anything else but staring at the water. Finally, he died. That was the punishment for all the things he has done to other people.


Today, this word is used to describe a person who cares for nothing but himself. It doesn’t have to be related to his physical appearance or beauty, but to his own perception of himself as a personality. One can be quite sure that he is the best man there is; he can believe that no one is worth of his attention. People who behave like Narcissus often hurt and neglect other people. However, after some time, they pay their price. In most of the cases, they end up alone. Unfortunately, when they start feeling guilty for their behavior toward other people, it is too late to go back and do things differently. Some of them never even regret!

Narcissism can develop into serious personality disorder, characterized by completely unreal picture of the person himself and all around him. Causes can be various and may include insufficient care and attention by parents during childhood, or too much attention by parents. Sometimes the cause can be found in poor self-esteem and personal insecurity. However, this disorder is almost impossible to treat, because “Narcissus” will never face the truth and accept your advice.

If you were hurt by a “Narcissus”, you should not be angry with him. Even if you tried to explain that he was behaving badly, he would not listen to you at all. These people are vain and they won’t listen to your opinion, especially if comes to them. They can criticize, but can’t stand being criticized. That is why you need to give up on such person, before you get hurt. Be compassionate, do not judge him and remember that he will be the one to suffer in the end. Say goodbye and move on.

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