What Is International Law and Diplomacy

What is international law and diplomacy? The answer to this question requires some additional information. First, we will mention the history of the first states that were created. The first states were created in Europe. In fact, some people believe that the first kingdom was actually created in Asia, which is very true, but here we are talking about the state, as we know it today. Nation and state are both modern terms. They were created for political purposes. It would unite the people living in a particular area and it would certainly help in defending the area from other tribes that wanted to conquer it. The first states in Europe were actually formed in order to improve and preserve the economical growth and development. However, ‘nation’ and ‘state’ seemed to be very useful entities, when it comes to survival and protecting the territory.

What Is International Law?

To explain this easier, we will use a simple example. Imagine that you are living in a building and you have many neighbors. There are more than twenty apartments and in each of these, there is one family. Now, imagine that one family is actually one nation, and the apartment is a state. So, there are twenty states that are actually sharing one continent. (In this example, this will be your building). In order to be able to live with each other, these states had made certain laws that had to be obeyed. That is the same thing as living in a building. There have to be certain rules, in order to prevent some people from annoying other people. That was pretty much the same with these states. There had to be law and it had to be accepted by every state. This law would regulate and control the relations between countries. It should have prevented wars and hostilities. All countries were subject to this law.

Today, we have modern international law. However, many old customs were actually included in this modern law. This makes an amazing group of laws, both old and modern, and every country has to obey these laws. International law is complex. Nearly every field of life is regulated by these laws. This also includes migrations, wartime, economy, trading, criminal offenses and all other things you can possibly think of. This brings certain system into international relations. If we didn’t have these laws, there would be complete anarchy among states.

What Is Diplomacy?

Diplomacy cannot be defined in simple terms. Some theorists define it as a particular skill, while other say it is more like active participation in international relations. Diplomacy can also be defined as the ability to convince your allies and your rivals to follow your political course.

Diplomacy is actually an instrument used for civilized communication. Negotiating is just one component of diplomacy. To be a diplomat, you need to be very educated, but you also need to have great understanding of human nature. A diplomat is often defined as a ‘superman’ who has to know everything and who is able to react just in time, and in the perfect manner.

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