What is Gold Used for Today

What is gold used for today? Gold is still considered one of the most precious metals. It has been used for jewelry for ages, but this is not the only use. Gold is used for other purposes as well. Let us find out more about this. Gold is also used in electronics and many other fields.

What is Gold Used for?

Throughout history , gold has been used for various purposes. Here is what is gold used for today.


♦ Gold is used for jewelry making. Nearly 80 per cent of gold that is mined is used in jewelry manufacturing. Gold is resistant to oxidation and other influences that come from any environment. That is why many ornaments are made of gold. That also includes ornaments used for buildings.

Financial Transactions

♦ Gold has been used for financial transactions for a long time. Even today, it is a symbol of wealth and prosperity.


♦ Gold is used in electronics. Various devices are produced with some golden parts. Cell phones and other things we use every day contain small amounts of gold. Why is gold used in this way? Well, gold has an ability to conduce electricity and it cannot get rusty. Our computers all have several golden parts inside and this actually enables faster data transfers.


♦ Gold is also used in medicine. It is used in treating some types of illnesses. Cancer is one of the conditions that are treated with radioactive gold particles.


♦ This technology also uses gold in making spacecrafts. Gold enables reflection of infrared radiations and it is also helpful in temperature stabilizing.

♦ Gold is used in many different purposes, as you can see. It is not only a symbol of luxury, but also a useful material for making things we need in our every-day life. However, the most popular ways to use gold still remain closely related to fashion, jewelry, luxurious accessories like watches, shoes, mobile phones, car accessories etc. Rich people are still enchanted by this sparkling metal that turns heads and sometimes leaves people breathless. Prestige and class are still demonstrated through gold. Even in our every day speech, we use the word “gold” to describe something valuable. We can read in magazines about the rich people who have “just bought a new car, cell phone, shoes….etc” that are made of gold and diamonds. Some people have bad reactions to silver and other types of jewelry, but there were no reports on allergies to gold. Funny, but it seems that no one has any problems with gold, except those who dream of it.

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