What Is Gluten Intolerance Test

What is gluten intolerance test? Gluten intolerance test is the set of tests that you take when you are thought to have intolerance to gluten. In a nonprofessional term, gluten is a substance (protein) that can be found in some grains. If you feel uncomfortable after eating wheat, for example, and this occurs often, maybe you should consider going to a gluten intolerance test. While it is true that there are ways to test yourself at home, we wouldn’t recommend it, because only clinical tests are viable and you can get recommendations on diets and on how to avoid these types of food.

How Is Gluten Intolerance Test Done?

♦ Well, first of all, there are certain symptoms, like nausea, sickness, vertigo etc, and doctors monitor these symptoms. After determining whether these symptoms really are caused by this type of food, doctors make a complete blood test or CBC. These results can show whether you have the extreme type of intolerance or Coeliac disease. If not, you will be sent to further tests, but this time tests will show certain allergens, which may prove that you still don’t have gluten intolerance, but allergic reaction to something else.

♦ After this, if they still don’t find what they are looking for, there are some tests that will finally show what type of grain you are allergic to. You must be wondering why this test isn’t done in the first place, but it can be inefficient because you may be allergic to something else, which can ruin the results. This test is actually a diet that doctors prescribe to you, in which certain types of food are eliminated constantly until doctors find your allergen.

♦ Beside this, there is also a test which is called a skin prick test. In this test doctors convey a set of punctures using different wheat, and when you see redness you will know that this is the culprit. Once the allergen is found, doctors will direct you to a nutritionist who will create a diet for you. This will also enable you to eat different types of gluten-free foods and to fight your allergy.

♦ Gluten test is one of the benefits of our modern medicine, which can help you avoid many sleepless nights. Taking the test is probably not on your wish list, but this will help you have an easier life.

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