What Is Facebook Connect

What is Facebook Connect? One of the wonders of modern society is definitely Internet. What was just two decades ago unimaginable, today is in common use. Now you can sit in your favorite chair, drink your coffee from your special cup and browse the web as much as you want to, getting tons of information. Fortunately (or not – we leave you to decide, because it has its pros as well as cons) you also leave there tons of information about yourself. In the sea of various social web service sites, such as myspace or twitter, as from 4 February 2004, we have another platform, which has become widely popular, called Facebook. Probably even its creator couldn’t have predicted that in only 6 years this platform will have over 500.000.000 users and growing. In order to keep a user’s interest, Facebook has been introducing new applications ever since.

Facebook Connect

Today we introduce Facebook connect. Facebook connect is an extension of a Facebook platform that allows you to share your information with a third party. What does that mean? That means that you can enter different sites with your Facebook username and pass. Of course, you can do this only on sites that have signed a contract with Facebook, but the list of these sites is expanding rapidly. According to the creator of Facebook, Mr.  Mark Zuckerberg, this is a very convenient extension for users, because it will let you know about the things your friends are interested in. How? For example, if you connect on a site via Facebook connect, and the main topic of the site is culture review and you leave a comment about some film or play, your friends will get that information. Almost immediately, a lot of people protested against this application, saying that this will seriously compromise their security.

On the other hand, aren’t you fed up with registering to different sites? You already know the drill…fill up this form…ups that name has already been taken, try again…no, this one, too…and so on. Then you would have to log in to your mail to confirm your registration. One could easily forget why he/she wanted to register in the first place. Contrary to this, Facebook connect application looks really convenient, saving time and nerves. Maybe there is some truth in the fact that this will enable control over what people should or shouldn’t  do, but in this new world – maybe we do need a bit more of control.

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