What Is Data Warehousing in Healthcare

What is data warehousing in healthcare? Nowadays, every organization and institution must have their data warehousing systems if they intend to be successful and up to date. This doesn’t only refer to business associations, financial institutions, government agencies and hosts of other industries that have to deal with huge amount of data they are facing when gathering information. Although this was the case a few years ago, today healthcare has to have its own data warehousing that can make the whole health system run smoother and easier.

What Is Data Warehousing?

Data warehouse is based on a construction of a unique set of all business data of some institution, which allows the user to access the needed information. Business reporting is characterized by the ability to monitor, develop and adapt business strategy, based on correct and accurate information. But, healthcare data is very complex and different from other institutional data. First, it’s the form of the data that is different. In healthcare, doctors write diagnosis, prescriptions, and notes about the office visit; nurses write notes about the procedure…And it’s always unique. This is why healthcare and medicine have not been so successful in data warehousing, unlike the other financial and other institutions.

Despite this drawback, there are actually more pros than cons:

♦ New workers – this system provides opportunity both for those who have advanced computer skills and those who do not;

♦ Fresh Businesses – with your system you can find new companies and business opportunities.

♦ Improved healthcare – this system provides more information about patient, so the service is much better.

♦ Marketing – data warehouse system can allow you to see pros and cons of a marketing plan and thus help you avoid mistakes.

♦ Of course, the advantages of data warehousing do not end here, but the financial success is a goal everyone is trying to achieve and it is certain that this system helps a lot in carrying out this task.

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