What is Contemporary Art

What is contemporary art? This is one of “those“questions. This nobody-knows-answer question sometimes seems like asking why we are here and what is our purpose? Well, you can hear different answers but they are often hidden behind mumbo jumbo and in the end, you get no answer at all. After some research, we have found some plausible answers. Contemporary art would be the art that has appeared after World War 2 or more specifically somewhere after 1960’s. You could hear another term – postmodernism, which means the same.


To better understand contemporary art, we should take a look at the modern art and the period just after World War 2. Art was transformed by numerous modern styles.

However, very soon, this new art was “inspired”, or better say influenced by horrors of constant war, some artists were even in service of war mongering. But industrial revolution influenced this new art even more than war did. The use of new techniques and new technologies made this modern art even go further from pre-modernism. After the discovery of many other ways of expressing e.g. photography, art has indeed lost itself for a short period, but soon after, it started following the new direction. Many new artistic forms sprang up after 70’s causing even greater confusion in the art world.

Therefore, one of the major characteristics of the contemporary art, is great variety of movements and techniques. Art historians tend to say that post modernistic art rejected the idea of having a real value, or that life actually had a real value. The rise of pop culture and the use of different media have made an impact on the artistic idea. In our time, artists often put forward the idea of how something is expressed rather than what it actually is. Having this in mind, it turns out that, contemporary art is more conscious of its reality than any other movement before. Therefore, in contemporary art, one can see the influence of globalization, global warming, deadly diseases, politics and many other problems of modern society. So, it should not be surprising that contemporary art differs from modern, because modern art didn’t really have such problems. They had to break free from the shackles of religion and after that, they had the unknown road in front of them. Where will contemporary art take us is yet to be seen.

As time goes by, so does the art, so when you look at the world we are living in, where there is a lot of information, but little knowledge, art is just trying to express the frustration that comes as a result.

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