What is Cloning Used for

What is cloning used for? Cloning can be defined as a process of making a new organism by using other organism’s cells. The result will be an identical twin-organism. Clone has identical DNA structure as the “original”. This process is being used in many fields.

What is Cloning Used for?

There are many different scientific fields where cloning processes are used. We will just mention some of the most important fields where cloning has found its appliance.

Food Production

Cloning is used in food production. Milk and meat products can be produced this way.

Plants Production

Plants are very interesting when it comes to cloning process. Some of them actually have an ability to clone themselves. Others are being cloned by humans and this is done in order to improve the quality of the plants and make them more resistant to diseases. That can help in producing more foods (for example, fruits and vegetables). There are plants that are widely used as foods not only for humans but for the cattle as well.

Cloning Process in Animals

There were several successful animal cloning cases. Scientists succeeded in cloning cats, dogs, pigs, rabbits and there was one famous sheep-clone, too. However, cloning was less successful when it comes to some endangered species. Perhaps one day we will be able to preserve those species by cloning, but all we can do now is hope.

Organs and Tissues

Thanks to cloning processes, scientists are able to make human organs and then transplant those organs with reduced rejection risks. This can save human lives.

Finally, the last subject is quite a controversial one. Whet it comes to human cloning, there are numerous pros and cons. However, the discussion is not resolved yet. People who have lost their child could have their kid back if this kind of cloning could be done. But the question of humanity still hangs in the air, since it is not guaranteed that human cloning will actually stop there. There were also discussions about the type of cells that were being suggested for use in this type of cloning.

The first cloned mammal (that was successfully cloned) was Dolly. This ewe was cloned in 1996 and died in 2003. She actually died from respiratory problems, but people with the Institute claimed that it was not related to the fact Dolly was a clone.

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