What is Bulimia Nervosa

What is bulimia nervosa? It is an eating disorder that can be seen in many people today. The causes of this disorder are psychical, but they lead to a physical illness and can further cause serious health problems. People with bulimia eat enormous amounts of food and then they vomit in order to get rid of it. Some of them also take laxatives and diuretics. They feel a kind of guilty for eating, so they have to throw out all the foods they ate. Why do they eat so much, then? Well, they actually love food.

Food gives them a feeling of pleasure. Nevertheless, this feeling doesn’t last for a very long time. Once they are done with their large meal, they start felling guilty for eating. They are too afraid of being overweight and they have to throw out all the foods.

What Are the Causes of Bulimia Nervosa?

As you can see, here we’re talking about a serious problem with self-confidence. People who suffer from bulimia feel like they are not good enough and they believe that people will love them only if they look good.

People who have developed this problem are often alone. Even if they are not really alone, they feel alone and they start to believe that it has to do with their physical appearance. They live in the worst possible illusion that they will be loved if they are good looking. Their self-esteem is based upon their looks and their own idea of how they should look. Of course, this is a never-ending story, because they will never look good enough to themselves. Therefore, their agony continues, so as the problems.

Fear is the major element here. In some cases of bulimia, people are afraid of getting fat. If someone from the family is /was obese, a person can develop this type of fear. Childhood traumas can also contribute or cause bulimia nervosa. Even a trauma in mature age can lead to bulimia. It all has to do with destroyed self-esteem.

This disorder is very common in teenagers, especially during the period in which they are starting to discover relationships and other types of social interaction. Suddenly, the way they are seen by other people becomes very important to them. Physical appearance influences the first impression and teenagers are aware of that fact. Therefore, they start to pay too much attention to their looks. Women have more chances to suffer from bulimia than men do.

The Symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa

People with this disorder are not necessarily thin. This is why it is hard to tell if someone has a problem with bulimia. You cannot just see it. However, some of their actions can indicate a problem. If you see that someone always goes to bathroom after meals and stays there for a while, does not eat with or in front of you, knows almost everything about foods and diets, takes laxatives – all this can indicate a problem called bulimia. Try to talk to the person and explain that he/she needs a professional help. People with bulimia often deny that there is a problem. However, talking to a professional and starting a proper treatment can help in solving the problem for good.

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