What Is a Monarchy Government

A Crown - One of the Symbols of Monarchy

A monarchy is a type of government in which Monarch holds the absolute power or just a portion of power needed to govern the state. Monarchy is one of the oldest known ruling systems. It is probably because this system has its roots in the ancient tribe rule where a priest/warrior was in charge. After that, it is easy to imagine how this system was transferred to a state level. In the beginning people believed that monarch (or King) had been chosen by the heaven to rule them. In some cases, this was not very convenient. Although he held all the power in his hands, he didn’t have an easy task in front of him, because apart from the power he possessed, he was sometimes judged by the signs of heaven. What does that mean? Well, if there was a terrible drought, then that was a sign that monarch had lost his mandate and that someone else should rule.

These examples were numerous, but of course, if he ruled with “an iron fist”, he did not have any problems. Through the history, monarchy was the most common ruling system, but in the wake of the modern age, most of them ceased to exist.

Types of Monarchy Government

There are two types of monarchies – absolute and constitutional monarchy. In absolute monarchy, King has an absolute power over everything in the state. He is the sole person to issue laws and to propose punishments. On the other hand, constitutional monarchy is the system in which monarch has no real power and he/she participates only when some celebrations are held. Instead, the elective parliament is regarded as the ultimate authority. The main characteristic however, is a hereditary rule. Succession is conducted in a way, that you can become a monarch only if you are in a blood line with the king, (and that is the oldest heir).

There are currently 45 monarchies in the world. Apart from few monarchies where king has a mandate, all other countries have a hereditary rule.

With a modern age, democracy has taken over the part which monarchy has had for millenniums. Kingdoms of old have ceased to exist.

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