What Is a G6

Indeed, what is a G6? Well, it can mean several things. There are different definitions of this abbreviation. We have some suggestions, so here they are.

What Is a G6?

There is a band that made a song that uses “G6” in its lyrics. It was a hit and people loved it, regardless of the fact that many of them didn’t even know what it was about. Some of them started asking about what they were actually listening to. We can only try explaining this. It is not always easy to figure out what a song is about, since everyone can interpret it differently. However, in this case, it shouldn’t be that hard, so we could try.

One possible answer is that G6 in this song refers to a car. To be precise – Pontiac. Now, the question is why would they mention this vehicle in their song? We don’t know. Do you have any suggestions? There have been suggestions that G6 could stand for “Gatorade” (an energy drink). Guarana? Grape wine, 6 bottles? It could mean anything, couldn’t it?

G6 can also refer to a jet named the “Gulfstream”. Actually, most people agree that this one is the best explanation. However, the discussion is still on.

G6: The Group of Six

This is another explanation of “G6”. The Group of Six is a political organization (not official, though) that consists of six member states of the European Union. Those are United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland and France. Each of them is represented by its minister. These states are the post populous in Europe and they have a great influence in the EU Council. This group was founded in 2003 and back then, it had five member states, so it was the Group of Five. Three years later, Poland was included into the group, so the group became G6. There are certain spheres where the Group of Six has a stronger influence than the European Commission. However, the Group of Six was often criticized for being non-transparent. Its work has been questioned several times, mostly by the House of Lords (United Kingdom).

Nevertheless, this political body has kept its great political influence. It is interesting that the critics were coming from a member state – United Kingdom.

Now you know the main two meanings of “G6”. There are more of them, of course. If you have more explanations to offer, feel free to do so.

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