What Does Wifi Stand For

What does Wifi stand for? For all those who want to know the meaning of this abbreviation, here is the explanation: Wifi stands for “wireless fidelity”. This requires another explanation, so here it is: Wifi is used in Wireless local area networking. To be more precise, it is used in information sharing. Data get converted into radio signals. Then these radio signals are transmitted through a medium which is wireless.

Wireless adapter (on a computer) converts the data into radio signals and then the data can be transmitted by using an antenna. Receiving the data is based on the same principle. Wireless adapter receives these signals and then converts them to ones and 0s. Wifi is very commonly used. For example, in nearly every airport or café there is wifi facility and you guest can use it if they have laptops. If you have two laptops you can easily connect them to one another by using Wifi. Connecting is quite simple – all you have to do is to follow the instructions from a wizard.

Wifi technology is important and useful because it facilitates the sharing of information. Hundreds of millions of people use this technology. There are hundreds of thousands of spots where Wifi can be used. These places are called Wifi hot-spots. Hundreds of millions of Wifi devices are produced every year. Most of the newer laptops come with wireless adapters. The prices keep getting lower and Wifi technology is more affordable for new users.

When it comes to security, it has been questioned, of course. Efforts have been made in order to reach a satisfying level of security. However, this issue is yet to be completely solved. The same refers to Wifi wide spread use. The goal is – of course – to make the most of its use and it is being worked on while we speak. The results are to be seen and we all hope that Wifi technology will keep being improved.

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