What Does TMZ Stand For on TV

What does TMZ stand for on TV? Here is what TMZ means: It means “Thirty Mile Zone”. The intersection of North La Cienega Blvd and West Beverly Blvd is called the “Thirty Miles Zone”. TMZ.com got its name after it. TMZ is a web site which provides news about celebrities. It started in November, 2005. TMZ TV series started in September, 2007.

TMZ was launched by AOL (America Online). The basic idea was to start emitting the news about celebrities. It was certain that this kind of news was predestined to success, since American people were (and still are) quite interested in lives of celebrities, scandals and other news. Hollywood has always been interesting not only to the Americans but to the whole world as well. The predictions were accurate and today TMZ is very popular. Its advertisers are some of the greatest world brands like Chrysler, Revlon, New Line Cinema, Hilton Hotels and others. The number of TMZ viewers is expressed in millions.  Money that TMZ makes is expressed in billions. Some of the most important Hollywood events were first reported by TMZ. Some of the most tragic Hollywood stories were also reported by TMZ, like Michael Jackson’s death and Brittany Murphy’s death. Some of the big Hollywood scandals were first reported by TMZ.

TMZ has numerous sources from where the stories come from. Considering the fact that TMZ manages to provide the news before everyone else – we can only imagine how strong these sources are. For all those who are interested in lives of famous people, TMZ is the right place! Knowing that Hollywood is a birth place of fun, entertainment, glamour, but also scandals, tragedies and controversy – it was certain that TMZ would succeed with no major difficulties. There are very few web sites or celebrity news channels that can be real competition to TMZ.

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