What Does the Mucus Plug Look Like

What Is the Mucus Plug?

What does the mucus plug look like and what exactly is the mucus plug? The mucus plug is very important when it comes to pregnancy. It is an indicator that your body has started preparations for your baby’s arrival! This usually happens after week 36 of your pregnancy. The mucus plug is composed of mucus accumulated inside the cervical canal. Its main purpose is to block the cervix and seal it in order to provide protection from bacteria or any possible infection.

The Mucus Plug

As soon as your cervix starts opening, you will feel mucus plug passing when visiting bathroom. You will notice some discharge on your underwear and do not forget to tell that to your doctor.

The discharge can look a bit pink, but if you see any blood, call 911 (or your doctor) right away. This can be a sign of a placental abruption. In addition, if you experience symptoms similar to mucus plug passing before your 36th week, contact your doctor and tell him what is happening. This can be a sign of a problem.

When it comes to the exact time of mucus plug passing, this is different from woman to woman. It is not necessarily a sign that your labor is near; some women can experience this weeks before the labor time. On the other hand, there are women who don’t even notice this.

However, most women experience mucus plug passing right before the labor. This means that you hospital bag should be packed and ready for going to labor. Pack everything you need as soon as you notice any discharge changes (if you are near the 36th week).

What Does It Look Like?

The mucus plug looks like clean or pink discharge, often mixed with little blood. This amount of blood is really small. That is how you can tell the difference between the mucus plug passing and a serious problem. If you notice red blood on your underwear, that is certainly not the mucus plug passing, but rather a problem that can even endanger your pregnancy. Some women never notice that they are actually passing the mucus plug, so you need to pay your attention.

You need to control your pregnancy regularly. If you have any questions or doubts, contact your doctor. If you experience any bleeding, you need to call your doctor immediately. Try to inform about all important issues that are related to pregnancy.

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