What Does Syphilis Look Like in Women

What does syphilis look like in women? Syphilis is a serious sexually transmitted disease. It is caused by bacteria known as Treponema Pallidum. Syphilis can be transmitted through any type of sexual intercourse – oral, anal or vaginal. It seems that men are more prone to this disease. We will tell you more about syphilis symptoms in women.

Syphilis Symptoms in Women

• It is believed that men are more prone to syphilis, but women are at risk, too. Syphilis symptoms in women can occur in any phase of the infection.

• The first stage of syphilis is also called primary stage and it is characterized by infectious sore within the infected area. This protrusion is not painful. It looks like a small ulcer and it is very contagious. This phase lasts for five weeks, and after this period, the ulcer goes away on its own. Condoms can prevent further spreading of bacteria, but if the ulcer is located near the main vaginal area, condoms cannot provide protection. Syphilis can also be transmitted through kisses, if the ulcer is located in the mouth.

• The second stage of infection is also called secondary syphilis. This stage is characterized by skin rashes within the vaginal area. It lasts from five to ten weeks. The spots can be visible on your palms or feet. It can be white or dark, and it may look similar to chickenpox. During this phase, genital warts can also occur, weight loss, headache, hair loss, sore throat and weakness. Glands can become swollen.

• The third stage is the final stage of syphilis. The infection attacks all vital organs, and body is seriously damaged. The symptoms include impotence, dementia, blindness, joint damages, paralysis, etc. Syphilis can be deadly if left untreated. Gummatous syphilis can occur, too, affecting bones, skin, liver or any other organ. The lesions that form in this stage are not infectious, but this stage is still extremely dangerous. People used to die from syphilis just several decades ago. In fact, this was one of the most dangerous diseases. However, today we have effective ways to diagnose syphilis in time.

• Even though condoms cannot always protect you from all sexually transmitted diseases, they remain the best protection we have against such infections. Sexual education is an important part of prevention. If you know how syphilis is transmitted, you will be careful and you will learn how to protect yourself. We believe that syphilis is more probable to develop in men, but this fact hasn’t been completely proved. We know that it can be transmitted even if you use condoms. Therefore, you should be careful when choosing a sexual partner. As we said, condoms remain the best protection against many diseases. Keep in mind that some diseases do not show any symptoms in the beginning. That is also the case with HIV, which is a deadly virus. The first stage of HIV is usually asymptomatic. The best you can do is test for HIV, or other sexually transmitted diseases, especially if you have any of the symptoms we mentioned here.

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