What Does Sic Mean in a Sentence

What does “sic” mean in a sentence? You have probably seen it somewhere. We did, too, and we were curious to find out what it means. Here is the explanation. Sic is usually put inside brackets, after reprinted text or a quote. If you put “sic” after any reprinted text that means that the text you use is completely the same as in the original source. “Sic” is used to emphasize certain errors or funny remarks and it is a kind of explanation for the reader. If you write some text and use “sic”, it will actually tell the reader that the text he is reading contains errors, but it is not your fault, actually – you only use the original source.

The Origins of “Sic”

Sic has Latin origins and it can be used both as a verb and a noun. It means that something is intentionally written the way it is written. It was first used in 1856. In Latin, the word “sic” means “so” or “as such”.

“To mark with a sic” is another expression you can find. During the 20th century, “sic” was widely used. When used in brackets, “sic” is used for quotes, but not any kind of quote, but the one with obvious errors. Errors can be of any kind – punctuation, logic, spelling etc.

When you use “sic”, you put it inside square brackets. It can also appear in parentheses. This is the case when there is an error that is quite obvious. People tend to believe that “sic” is an abbreviation. But it’s not. That is why you need to put a period after “sic” inside the brackets.

Sic is also used in various word-plays. “Makes me sic” is one of the examples. Sic is also used in appealing to ridicule. However, this may look like mocking. It puts the original text (and its author) in a rather inferior position. Thus, it may have a bit disrespectful meaning. In addition, there can be a misinterpretation of “sic” itself. For example, if you read “sic” after some text, you may think that the entire text is actually being made fun of. That is why you should be careful where you use it. If you are quoting someone’s ideas, you can easily be misunderstood by readers. They may think that you are making fun of someone’s ideas, so you really need to pay your attention to where you use it and why.

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