What Does Scabies Look Like on the Skin

What does scabies look like on the skin and what kind of condition is it really? This is a rash on the skin that appears in certain body areas. It is red in color and looks like a group of blisters. It appears on the skin between fingers, on the elbows, wrists, knees, nipples area, feet and genital zone.

This skin disease i virus-caused and may occur in people as well as animals. People with weakened immune system are at high risk to develop scabies. It is easier to notice this rash on the skin of children than in adults. Even in older kids it isn’t that easy to see it right away. Sometimes they resemble tiny stretch marks. If someone is infected, it doesn’t mean that the symptoms will occur right away. On the contrary – they will probably remain invisible for some time. This can prolong to last for a month or two, but the person who is infected will continue to spread the infection. When symptoms occur, they will be accompanied by itching.

The rash and itching are getting worse as the night comes. In the beginning, this skin condition is rather mild and as the time goes by it becomes more irritating and unpleasant. The condition can even affect one’s sleep.

Treating scabies should not only include the person that is infected, but his/her environment as well, since scabies is very contagious. This disease is present for a very long time – the cases of scabies are documented back in the fifth century BC and it is also mention in the Bible! This skin infection is widespread and can be seen in any part of the world, regardless to nation, climate and population. The treatment may include creams and orally taken medications.

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