What Does Ringworm Look Like on a Human

What does ring worm look like on human? Let’s say more about ring worm first. This condition occurs as a result of fungal skin infection. It occurs in humans as well as in animals. Name “ring worm” does not actually reflect real nature of this infection since it is fungal, not warm-caused. Fungi live on the skin, nails and hear, feeding on keratin.

This infection is commonly seen in people who sweat a lot and have frequent physical contacts with other people. Sports people often have problems with fungi. Sweaty skin is especially convenient for fungi development, since they live in wet and worm skin areas.

Ring worm looks like a sort of rash, red or brownish. It has a form of ring. It resembles a worm under the skin surface. This rash can occur within any part of one’s body but it doesn’t look the same on every part of the body. It is spread by close physical contact. However, it is not necessarily so. You do not have to be in direct contact to a person who is infected to get ringworm infection. Sometimes it is enough just to touch something that was already touched by an infected person.

If you touch one’s personal belongings or sleep in the same bed with a person who has a ringworm infection, there are chances that you will get infected, too. If you have pets, you can also catch fungal infection. It doesn’t occur right away, though. When it comes to animals, it is very difficult to see because of their fur, so it is practically impossible to prevent.

An infected person will see the rash ten to fourteen days after the infection. Prevention for ring worm is a good personal hygiene, in the first place. If you think you are infected, see your doctor right away. He will give you anti-fungal cream to treat the infected skin.

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