What Does NASA Stand For and Where Is It

We have all heard about NASA, but what does NASA stand for and where is it? This is an incredibly important institution. The most talented minds of the world are gathered here to work on space exploring and to try to find out more about the order that our planet also belongs to. Their work is a kind of pursuing the truth – but the truth about the space is infinite just like the space itself. That fact is exactly what makes this work so incredible. This institution claims that the goal of all the researches is to explore life beyond the Earth, all in order to make the life on Earth better than it is.

The abbreviation NASA means “National Aeronautics and Space Administration”. It is a U. S. government agency engaged in space programs of the United States government. It was founded in 1958, on July, the 29th. Before NASA, there was NACA (which stands for “National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics”).

NASA headquarters are located in Washington DC. There are fourteen more offices and centers of NASA in the United States. Those are in Houston (Texas), New York (New York), the University Dr Fairmont (West Virginia), Hampton (Virginia), Huntsville (Alabama), Moffett Field (California), Virginia, Pasadena (California), Merritt Island (Florida), Las Cruces (New Mexico), Cleveland (Ohio), Edwards (California) and Hancock County (Mississippi).

If you are curious about this institution, you will probably have to rely on NASA press release, the Internet or academic seminars. The chances to visit NASA and ask questions directly are really small, not to say non-existent. This agency deals with very responsible work and data which are well guarded and not very available for public. But NASA keeps informing the world public about all relevant events and discoveries and the world is thrilled to find out more about the space.

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