What Does ISO Stand for

What does ISO stand for? ISO is an abbreviation used for several things. We will give you several meanings. ISO is used in different fields, describing different things, from IT to science and accounting. This acronym is used worldwide, but for describing different terms. People have heard it, but if you asked them to tell you the meaning, each one of them would probably tell you something different. And they would probably be right – all of them – since ISO could mean many things.

What Does ISO Stand for in Photography?

ISO is commonly used in photography – and not only in photography. There are so many fields where ISO is used for ‘International Standards Organization’.

International standards are being applied in nearly every filed of business. Simply put, there are standards that must be respected and fulfilled by all companies and entrepreneurs. This is very important in order to protect the customers. This is the way for the companies to provide a guarantee for the quality they are offering to their customers. These standards maintain certain order and values in all kinds of business. As we said, photography is also one of the fields where ‘ISO’ is used. It is a standardized measure (scale) for light sensitivity.

What Does ISO Stand for in Astronomy?

In astronomy, ISO stands for ‘Infrared Space Observatory’. It can also mean ‘Imaging Spectrometric Observatory’. ‘Infrared Space Observatory’ – ISO – describes a telescope that uses infrared light. It was launched in 1995 (November).

What Does ISO Stand for in Accounting?

In accounting, ISO is an abbreviation for ‘Incentive Stock Option’. This is a stock option granted to employees and it enables them to get certain tax benefits.

What Does ISO Stand for in Science?

ISO is also used in science. Here it means ‘Intra-seasonal Oscillation’. It is also used for isometric or isotopes.

What Does ISO Stand for in Computers?

In computers and technology, ISO is also used for ‘International Standards Organization’. We have already explained what these standards are about and why they are being used. Technology is another field where ISO has found its wide appliance. New technologies are being used world wide, and standards must be fulfilled in all countries. The product (any brand) you buy in one country must be as good as in any other country. This is the way of unification, which is certainly good for buyers and customers.

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