What Does HIV Stand For

HIV Prevention Campaign

What does HIV stand for? HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is one of the monsters that humankind has been facing in the 20th century. This battle is still being fought. Unfortunately we’ve been loosing this fight for a very long time, and although a great progress has been made in recent decades, it has not provided enough results and instruments to defeat this ferocious virus.


Not withstanding the fact that there were many theories about origin of this virus, medical authorities have issued a theory that this virus is a kind of mutated animal virus. They believe that this virus entered into human reality in some freak accident in hunting, where HIV was transmitted to a human being and stalking a human prey ever since. The first recorded case of a human infected with this virus was a Congo citizen in 1959. At first this virus was seen in homosexuals but it was soon recorded in heterosexuals, too. In 1982, we established a new word – AIDS, for the illness that is caused by this virus. AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is an incurable disease that makes your body unable to fight other illnesses.

How Does HIV Affect the Body?

HIV is a virus that operates like all other viruses. It especially attacks special T cells in our body, and T cells play leading role in our defense system. T cells commands our body to clear our system of viruses, but HIV is using these cells to grow and multiply.


HIV virus can be transmitted in several ways:

– Sexual intercourse without a protection

– Needle sharing (if a sharp object that was contaminated with infected blood, punctures through dermis it can cause virus transmission)

– Organ transplantation (if an infected organ is transplanted into a healthy person)

– Transfusion (with infected blood)

– Pregnancy (HIV virus is transmitted from mother to her child)

In recent decades, medical researches have shown how little we actually know about HIV or AIDS. Fortunately, medical researches have also shown that by using certain medical cocktails, one can reduce time from infecting to AIDS. When HIV first was discovered, period from infecting to getting AIDS was short (the best one could hope was 10 years), but now a person can live for a very long time.

It is vital for humans to fight this kind of diseases because in an overpopulated planet they can spread like wild fires. In order to fight them, we need to get informed.

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