What Does ESPN Stand For

Although  this abbreviation is commonly used, there are many of us who do not know what it stands for; so here is the answer to the question: “What does ESPN stand for?” It is a cable TV network which produces and broadcasts sport programs. The full name of this American TV network is Entertainment and Sports Programming Network.

ESPN was originally established by Bill and Scott Rasmussen (father and son). It started to operate on September the 7th, 1979. The initial budget came from Getty Oil Company. This TV network is probably number one in emitting sports. The program is on for twenty four hours, seven days a week! Many great shows can be seen here, including talk shows, documentaries (mostly about sports) and series.

Originally, it started as a sports television, but today you can see many different topics on ESPN. If you are fond of sports, this is the right place for you. But it does not mean that you can not watch anything else. On the contrary, there is a wide range of shows and anyone can actually find what suits him best. By the beginning of 2003, it started using the HD standard in order to offer its viewers better picture, which is especially important when it comes to sport matches. High standards that are getting higher all the time are something to expect from this TV network. By the beginning of 2010, it started with 3D and it made ESPN the first American 3D television. World Cup was the first to be programmed in 3D.

Anyone who wants to be advertised on this TV has to reserve this several months before the advertising starts. Some of the predominant advertisers are global giants like Apple, for instance.

Since 1996 ESPN has been a member of the Disney’s family.

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