What Does DC Shoes Stand for

What does “DC Shoes” stand for? You have probably heard people talking about “DC Shoes” or have even seen them wearing those. “DC Shoes” is the leading manufacturer in the market of extreme sports. There are a few theories about what “DC Shoes” really stands for. This successful company, which is specialized in footwear for extreme sports, skateboarding and snowboarding is located in Vista, California.

“DC Shoes” is an American company and it produces snowboards, shirts, jeans, hats and jackets. In 1989 Ken Block was making screen printed T- shirts. In 1991 Ken Block and Damon Way started working together.

They developed Eightball Clothing, and they were only making T-shirts for skate shops. Owners of Eightball Clothing found themselves in a position that they needed to change the name of their company because the name “Eightball” got copyrighted by someone else. In 1992 they came up with a new name for the company and they called it Droors Clothing, and that was how the Droors jeans brand was launched. The company was incorporated as Circle Distribution in 1993. Later on, DC Shoes and Dub outerwear brands were introduced to consumers, but unfortunately in 1997 Droors and Dub were cancelled and the year after, Circle Distribution was renamed to DC Shoes, Inc.

DC Shoes stood for Droors Clothing but after this company was sold, the new company had no connection to Droors Clothing and that was the reason why the name was changed to DC Shoes.

If you are interested in buying some of the products of this company you can check the offer at their website. There you can find footwear, clothing, and various accessories for your entire family – from your children to their grandparents. If you are more comfortable with shopping from your sofa, you can buy their merchandise online, but if you want to see the goods for yourself you can visit one of their many stores located in your area.

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