What Do Turtles Eat

What do turtles eat? If you keep a turtle as a pet, you will find the following article interesting and useful! Turtles belong to the group of reptiles. This species is very old and it is considered to be older than many other reptiles. Some of the species that can be found on Earth today are endangered.

Many people keep them as pets. Some of the most popular pet-turtles are: red-eared turtles and Russian tortoises. Different types of turtles eat different kinds of food. Some of them eat plants; others eat both flash and plants. Large turtles eat other animals that live inside the water.

If you have a pet-turtle, you have to be well-informed about its species. Different species have different needs when it comes to food. If you want your turtle to be healthy, you will have to pay extra attention to its diet. It is best that you learn as much as you can about the species that your turtle belongs to and then you will see what those turtles naturally eat in the wild. The best thing you can do for your turtle is to provide the foods that are similar to those foods that particular species naturally eats.

It is important that your turtle gets enough calcium, phosphorus and other vitamins (especially vitamin D). Eggshells and cuttlebone are quite good for your turtle. But there is more nutrition that is necessary for good health of your turtle. There are supplements designed especially for these reptiles and your veterinarian can tell you more about them and recommend some good supplements. It is also important to know how much of supplements and foods in general to give to your turtle. It is bad that your turtle eats too much. It is also bad that the turtle eats too little. So what is the right measure? It all depends on the species and your turtle’s age. The best thing you can do is to ask your vet about this.

Your turtle should not eat too much proteins, since they affect kidneys and cause shell problems. There are more foods that your turtle shouldn’t eat at all. Those are: canned foods containing a lot of salt; milk and other milk products. If you have any plants in your home, make sure that those plants are not poisonous. You should prevent your turtle from getting in touch with your house plants, just to be sure.

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