What do Tadpoles Eat in the Wild

What do tadpoles eat in the wild? As we know, amphibians’ life cycle has several stages. Tadpole is one of these stages. Adult frogs are different from tadpoles in many ways. Tadpole actually looks like a small fish. It has no legs and uses its tail to move through the water. Every tadpole will eventually develop lungs and legs and it will also lose the tail. That is the time a tadpole becomes an adult frog. Now, let us learn more about these creatures and their diet.

What do Tadpoles Eat?

What do tadpoles eat? Tadpoles eat various types of food found in their natural surrounding.

• This is actually different for each frog species. There are species that are omnivorous and they feed on other tadpoles and detritus. Other species can feed on plants and other flora found in water. They get oxygen through the skin. Algae and various microorganisms are usual food for tadpoles. As soon as they develop legs, tadpoles become carnivorous. This happens in very short time for most of the species. If they can’t find larvae, insects and other small creatures, tadpoles will start feeding on each other!

• Do you know that tadpoles have become very popular as pets? Many people keep them as pet animals, and once a tadpole grows up, it will become a pet frog! They are not very demanding animals, so people like keeping them in the house. As we said, there are many different types of frogs, meaning that there are many different types of tadpoles, too. Each of these has its own requirements when it comes to diet.

• If you want to keep a tadpole as pet, you need to take care of certain things. First, you have to make good environmental conditions for your tadpole. There must be enough space for it to move and swim. You have to think about the future, too. It is better to get a bigger aquarium so you will be able to use it when your tadpole develops into an adult frog. This is always a wise thing to do.

• Now, what about the food? As we said, most of these creatures are herbivorous. You can give them some spinach leaves and lettuce, too. You should thaw the leaves before you feed the tadpole. Thawing makes the leaves easier to eat. Make sure not to give your tadpole too many leaves. You will have to feed the tadpole two times a day, giving him smaller amounts of food. It is not good for the tadpole to eat too much, and too many leaves can also contaminate the water, so you will have to clean the aquarium more often.

• When your tadpole grows and develops onto a frog, you will have to learn more about the frogs’ diet. This will depend on the species your frog belongs to. Some frogs are omnivorous, while others are strict herbivores. We hope this article was helpful! Take care of your tadpole and in very short time, you will have a great frog pet in your home!

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