What Do Lions Eat in the Wild

Young Lions

What do lions eat in the wild? These beautiful large cats belong to the species of Panthera Leo. They can weight more than 270 kilograms. They mostly inhibit Africa and Asia, while in India these cats are endangered.

An interesting fact is that some 10,000 years ago, lions living on our planet were almost as numerous as humans were. Today, they are not nearly that numerous. On the contrary – in some parts of the world they are endangered.

What is the Average Life Span of a Lion?

Lion life span is about fifteen years in average. However, lions that live in captivity tend to live longer than that, for as long as twenty years! The main reason why lions tend to live longer in captivity is the absence of continuous fights among male lions, which is normal in the wild. Injuries and other harmful influences coming from the wild environment can shorten a lion’s life for several years.

A lion head is one of the commonly used symbols in our modern time. You can see a picture of a lion’s head almost everywhere – on different flags, films, paintings and other modern contents. Lion symbolizes strength and courage. It is also known as the ‘animal king’.

White lions are rare and highly appreciated kind.

What Do Lions Eat?

Lions usually hunt their prey in groups. They are skillful hunters and they often get quite close to their prey before they attack. You can see the videos in which several lionesses surround a herd and then start their attack. They bite the prey, catching it with their strong jaws and the victim suffocates. Smaller prey usually gets killed by a single paw swap.

Lions mostly eat large mammals like zebras, buffaloes, impalas, deer and wildebeest. However, their diet includes other species as well, like gazelles. Lions rarely attack humans. Nevertheless, there have been several attacks reported. Lions that attack humans are considered to be old. Human being is easy to catch, so old lions that can not hunt as they used to, can attack humans. Lions can easily kill hyenas, leopards and other predators.

There are prejudges that lions always attack humans. This is false, however. If they are young (meaning, younger than seven years and still capable to run and hunt), they will probably go away when they see a human being. It is probable that lions are equally afraid of human beings as humans are afraid of lions. Nevertheless, people get frightened and start to run, which makes them look like prey.

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