What Do Frogs Eat

What do frogs eat? These interesting animals can be seen anywhere. There are many different species, but they are equally interesting. Although they are different and each species has its own characteristic features, there are several things that they all have in common. Reproduction process is actually the same for all of these species. They all come from eggs; first, they are tadpoles and they resemble fishes. You can see a long tail and you may think it is a fish, but it is actually a tiny young frog! These small baby frogs feed on algae. They also eat other plants. When they grow a bit, they start eating small insects and small water creatures.

What Do Frogs Eat in the Wild?

• When they are fully grown, tadpoles are called – frogs. They change their diet and start eating snails, insects, worms, spiders and small fish they find in the water. There are some very large species that can even feed on rats, mice, lizards and other reptiles. Some of the species have incredibly long tongues and they can catch flies or other flying insects without any problems.

• Frogs prefer summertime and they eat more during this time of year. When the winter season comes, the temperature of their bodies drops and they function much slower. They spend more time in the soil and rarely go out. All this affects their diet. They practically eat very little during winter.

What Do Frogs Eat in Captivity?

• Some species are kept as pets. One of these species is tree frog. It feeds on flies, worms and crickets. These frogs can live for several days without any food.

• Frogs are actually great pets. They are cute and playful, but they can also be very useful. First, they are not too large and they do not make too much mess around your house. They do not make too much noise. They certainly do not destroy your furniture, shoes, bags and other house items. They cannot bring you the ball when you throw it, but they are playful and they will certainly make you laugh. However, the greatest use you can actually have if keeping a frog in the house is its capability to catch all kinds of insects. Frogs will most certainly help you get rid of any annoying insects, like mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, but also some large insects. If you have a frog pet, feel free to share your experience.

What Animals Eat Frogs?

• Many animals feed on frogs. Snakes, lizards, large fish, birds, and some water animals mostly eat frogs.

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