What Do Dolphins Eat to Survive

What do dolphins eat to survive? Dolphins are very interesting animals. They symbolize beautiful things, like happiness, joy and positive energy. Dolphins are used for various shows, because they can learn fast, which makes them easy to train. These animals are believed to be very intelligent, but the truth is that we cannot know this for sure. We know that they are capable of learning things very fast, but we simply cannot find a reliable method of measuring the intelligence of these animals. However, they are social and they are very friendly toward humans. Let us learn more about these interesting mammals.

Some Facts about Dolphins

As we said, dolphins are very social. They live in groups. These water animals are found in all parts of the world. They prefer shallow seawater, but they are found in both wart and cold waters. Different dolphin species prefer different temperatures. For example, one of the best-known species – the bottle-nose dolphin – likes warm water. There are species that live in rivers, too. Some dolphins find coastal areas very attractive, because they feed on plankton. However, water pollution is a great threat to marine life. All kinds of pollutants can be found in water, and some species are facing a real danger.

Dolphins are threatened by human activities. Pollution is not the only problem. In some parts of the world, dolphin meat is considered a delicacy and these animals are hunted for meat. There are many organizations that are trying to stop such activities and save the dolphins.

Dolphins can live for a long time, especially in captivity. They have the proper care and they are not exposed to any danger. They are used for various shows. Dolphins are easy to train and their behavior is friendly. Swimming with dolphins is considered one of the most beautiful experiences. They act as if they can understand you and they accept new people instantly.

What Do Dolphins Eat?

Dolphins feed on squid and fish. Some of them feed on plankton as well. Some dolphins like mackerels, because these have more fat. Dolphins know how much food they need. The quantity of food they eat will depend on the quality! For example, if they eat fatty fish, they will eat smaller amounts. This is a very interesting fact about dolphins. Perhaps there is a lot to learn from these animals, after all, especially when it comes to self-control.

Another interesting fact about dolphins is that they can actually assist fishermen in catching the fish. When they see the prey, you can see the difference in their behavior. Fishermen use this, so they know exactly when to cast the nets. Then, dolphins catch the fish that manage to escape, and everybody is happy. This is probably one of the best examples of how social and unselfish these animals really are.

Now you know more about dolphins and their diet. Scientists are still very interested in learning more about these animals, and we hope we’ll have some new interesting facts to share.

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