What Do Crickets Eat in the Wild

What Do Crickets Eat?

What do crickets eat in the wild? Crickets belong to the family of Gryllidae, and they are also called true crickets. They are closely related to grasshoppers, and katydids. They are characterized by long antennae and flat bodies. There are more than nine hundred different sub-species of crickets. They are nocturnal animals and people usually confuse them with grasshoppers, since their bodies are very similar. Crickets are interesting creatures. They are completely harmless, but most of us know very little about them. The sound they produce is very interesting as well. In fact, crickets are well known for this sound they produce. They produce these sounds when they feel that the female crickets are somewhere near. The sound gets more aggressive when there is a male approaching.

Where do crickets live? Crickets usually live in meadows, under rocks and anywhere near the roads. They are black or brownish and have long wings. Crickets are prey for animals like rodents, large spiders, lizards and some birds. Some people use crickets to feed their pets. In China, some cricket species are actually used for making medications. Now, let us learn more about what crickets eat in the wild.

What Do Crickets Eat?

♦ Crickets play an important role in plant matter breakdown in the wild. This is a great contribution to the ecosystem. Crickets eat nearly everything! They are omnivorous animals. They deed on plant matter, organic stuff, grass, fungi, fruits and they can also eat meat. They can even be seen eating each other!

♦ If you have a pet cricket, you can buy the foods for it in nearly every pet shop. Some small tropical species of fish are great for crickets’ diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also great foods for crickets. Lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes are also great, so as cornflakes, bananas,
apples, and other fruits. You can also add some calcium supplements and vegetable scraps to these foods. This way, your cricket will get all the nutrients he needs.

♦ Now, where do you put the food? The food for your pet cricket has to be put in a very shallow container, placed directly on the ground (or on the bottom of the terrarium). You have to clean the terrarium regularly, because if you don’t, the mold will occur. Crickets need sufficient amounts of water. However, there should not be too much water, and you have to change the water regularly. Water must be fresh, and you must keep it away from your cricket’s food. The food has to be dry, and it certainly has to be fresh.

♦ Here are some of the cricket sub-species:

Jerusalem crickets
Mole crickets
Mormon crickets
Cave crickets
Parktown prawns

♦ Probably the most interesting facts about crickets is related to the sound they produce. When you hear this sound, the firs thing that comes to your mind is the night. Many cartoons actually have crickets for main characters. Pinocchio’s cricket is just one of the examples.

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