What do Butterflies Eat in the Wild

What do butterflies eat in the wild? Butterflies are beautiful and delicate creatures that symbolize happiness and joy of life. The wings of a butterfly are often used as an allegory of beauty and magic.

Butterflies are insects, with two pairs of wings and antennas. They belong to the same class as skippers and moths.

The life cycle of a butterfly is very interesting. There are four stages in the life of a butterfly. Larva is on one of the stages, and during this phase, there is no beauty at all. In fact, larva is very ugly, but after the transformation, you will see the most beautiful insect! This is truly amazing.

Butterflies live for several weeks, but there are also species that live for several months. They like warm climate conditions because they are cold blooded, so they need sun to keep their body temperature at normal levels.

What do Butterflies Eat?

• Butterflies feed on nectar. They get nectar from various types of flowers. They are usually attracted by red, pink, orange, yellow and blue flowers. During the night, butterflies hide under the leaves, or in some bush-like plants.

• Butterflies are colorful, but there are also pure white butterflies. All of them are beautiful and kids love them. However, if your kid manages to catch a butterfly, try explaining that the butterfly has to be released. It has to find foods and it needs sunlight. Otherwise, it will die in very short time. When we were kids, some of us just wouldn’t let butterflies fly away, because they are not easy to catch. However, it is much better to know that your butterfly is alive and happy, than to watch it die before your eyes.

• Adult butterflies have to drink liquids in order to keep their energy levels normal. If they don’t get certain amounts of liquid, butterflies will not be able to survive or mate. They go to water areas to take liquid, but they can overdo it with liquids. If that happens, they simply excrete the liquids from their digestive system.

• Butterflies use antennas to smell the food. These antennas are very sensitive. They can easily smell the nectar from flowers.

• Butterflies can also feed on sap flowers’ fluids, bird droppings, rotting fruits and animal dung. They also feed on decaying fruits, which provides much-needed sugar. Different butterfly species prefer different types of flowers.

• Do you know that there are nearly 29000 butterfly species worldwide?

• Butterfly wings are transparent. They are delicate and if touched, they can get damaged easily. The colors you see on the wings come from bright scales. The shiny substance found on the butterflies’ winds symbolizes magic and romance.

• Butterflies lay their eggs in places like broccoli leaves, cabbage leaves, etc. They prefer warm climate conditions, so you cannot find them in extremely cold areas. They migrate, depending on the climate changes. Although they fly very slowly, they can cross long distance. The body temperature of an adult butterfly is over 80 degrees. If the temperature were lower, a butterfly would not be able to fly.

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