What Are Tags

What Are Tags?

What are tags? A tag can be defined as a kind of shop window. Its function is, above all, to attract someone’s attention to some item. Through it, like through the glass of a shop window, we can quickly see what the goods are like and if they suit our needs. Therefore, it is very transparent.

What Are Tags Used For?

Thanks to it, sellers find a faster way to customers and vice versa. This word is very modern these days, especially in the world of computers and the Internet. However, before that, it was used in other contexts.

It was used as a synonym for label. It means “something that hangs”. A metal end of a shoelace is called “tag”. There are also question tags. It is something that hangs at the end of a question. The fact that it is at the end does not mean that it is less important. On the contrary, it is the most important part of this kind of a sentence, because the stress is put right there!

The word tag can be both verb and noun. As a verb, it means “to mark, to put a sign, to put a tag…” In modern language, it is frequently used, as mentioned above, in communications via blogs, tweeters etc, when we want to mark a photo or to make our comments in a blog recognizable. It helps a lot in search engines making searching much faster and much more accurate. Without tags, our modern gadgets like mobile phones and computers would not be so fast and so efficient.

Tags are extremely useful. Some people argue that computers make things too fast. Perhaps they do. There are many disadvantages of the new age we are living in, but there are also some great advantages. Distance and time are not so important anymore. Everything is at hand. Tags can considerably shorten the time needed for us to find something. That way we actually spend less time with our computer, trying to find something we need.

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