What Are Silly Bandz Made of

What are Silly Bandz made of? What are those anyway? Who created them? Where can you buy them? Those are the common questions about Silly Bandz. We will answer those questions in the following article.

What Are Silly Bandz?

Silly Bandz are bracelets that you wear like you wear any other bracelet. People usually were several of those around their wrist. They look nice and colorful around your wrist, but they are actually just bracelets, similar to those made of rubber. Robert Croak was the one to make Silly Bandz, and they were meant to be fashion accessories for kids. The distribution of Silly Bandz started in 2008 (November).

With a little help from commercials and advertising, Silly Bandz became famous. Nearly every kid had one or more around their wrists. Some time after, even adults started to wear them. That increased the popularity of Silly Bandz.

What Are Silly Bandz Made of?

At the time they appeared on the market, Silly Bandz were quite easy to brake. One parent complained about the fragility and Silly Bandz had to be improved. In the meantime, they have become popular to the extent that schools banned wearing Silly Bandz, with this explanation: they were distractive. Kids’ attention is always problematic, and the last thing the teachers needed was another distraction. Several kids were even injured. Some of them tightened Silly Bandz too much, which caused circulation problems! However, complaints about bad material affected manufacturers to make some improvements. Therefore, they decided to start making Silly Bandz of medical grade silicone. People were suspicious about the material Silly Bandz were made of. Most of them believed that Silly Bandz were made of recycled materials. However, new silicon Silly Bandz arrived and numerous customers were finally pleased.

New Silly Bandz are not fragile at all. However, your kid should be careful. Explain to your kid that she should never tighten Silly Bandz around her wrists. Although this material looks like plastic or rubber, never try to fix a broken Silly Bandz by setting the broken ends on fire. You can only hurt yourself, so don’t do it. They are not too expensive, so you can buy some new ones instead of trying to fix them.

Silly Bandz are always a good present for any kid. Even mothers wear them! You can buy identical Silly Bandz for you and your kid. You can make numerous combinations because these bracelets come in nearly all colors.

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