Vegetarianism Pros and Cons

Have you ever discussed vegetarianism pros and cons? If you are a vegetarian, you will find this article interesting. Read it and share your opinion! We would like to hear what you think. This question has always been discussed by both experts and non-experts. There are people who believe that the vegetarian regime is more natural to humans, and that our body is made to process foods other than meat and animal products. There are suggestions that our teeth and the rest of our digestive tract are simply not designed to digest meat. However, here you can find some pros and cons, so you can think it through.

Vegetarianism Pros

Some nutritionists suggest that the vegetarian diet is healthier for people who have bad digestion or other health issues. Now, we know that not every meat is healthy. Lean meat is often recommended for low fat diet, but vegetarians do not eat it. True vegetarian diet dos not include any animal product, like eggs, milk or meat. They do not consume fish or any other sort of meat. People who suffer from high cholesterol are often advised not to eat meat, since it can worsen their cholesterol levels. This is the same when it comes to people with high blood pressure (hypertension) and those with diabetes. Low fat diet, based on fresh vegetables and fruits, can be very good in those patients. Doctors often recommend this type of diet. Some people can solve their health problems if they follow this regime.

The motives for vegetarianism can be different from person to person. Some vegetarians find meat very hard to digest and they avoid it. Some patients are advised not to eat meat, and other products like hard cheese, fat milk and eggs. However, some vegetarians find it monstrous to eat the flesh of another living creature that is killed just to be someone’s food. This is the matter of ethics and humanity.

Vegetarianism Cons

We have mentioned some of the major pros. Let us now say something about the disadvantages of vegetarianism. Doctors always say that it is not recommended for a child or a teenager to avoid meat or dairy products. They need to develop properly and they certainly need all kinds of nutrients. Some people argue that all the nutrients found in meat can be properly replaced by other foods that contain the same nutrients. However, the discussion is still open. What are the products that can completely replace meat, eggs cheese, milk and fish? Even if there are such products, do they really contain these nutrients in sufficient amounts? These questions often bother people who want to become vegetarians. Feel free to share your experience!

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