Using IP To Secure Our Router

When we install our brand new router, in most cases, we overlook to make it more secure. Sticking to the defaults and factory settings can easily get us into trouble and cause severe headache once all our hard work in setting up our home network disappears just because someone has decided to become a hacker.

Now when we know this, let’s see what we have to do in order to make our router more secure. In the following examples we are going to use the following IP address, login to the router and gain access to the settings page. The thing here is to use the router’s default IP to login to the router. To check the connection between the router and the PC, execute the following command in Command Prompt: ping -t. If the connection is fine, continue with these steps. See this link for more information.

1. Change the home network name or SSID

If someone knows your SSID which is generally the router model, he will easily find the default username and password for that router. You can also hide the SSID but it is not necessary, because it can cause problems at some point.

2. Change the default login details

Since we have mentioned the default username and password it is wise to change these. It can be done in a minute and increases the security of the router.

3. Use wireless encryption

If you have enabled wireless Internet, using a strong password and the strongest encryption is the best option. Just make sure to use a strong and unique password which contains special characters, symbols small and capital letters and numbers.

4. Enable MAC filtering

This feature adds extra security. Generally, you can add devices to your network based on their MAC address. Although Mac addresses can be easily spoofed, it is still a good option to use it.

These four steps will make your home network much more secure. The good thing is that it won’t take more than 10 minutes to set everything up. Give it a try!

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